Blog Hopping

Blog Hopping??? What’s that??? That was my first response to those words.

Well, according to others, Blog hopping is when one blogger posts questions, tags another blogger, and asks them to answer those questions. The second blogger links back to the first one and also forwards to another blogger they have tagged. This is a way to increase our exposure. It’s also fun, and you meet new bloggers/writers.

I was tagged by a very close writer, friend, Lisa Crane. I have known Lisa for EONS. She writes Inspirational (Christian) Romance. I love everything of her’s I have read. Please check out her books. Lisa has written 16 books, and is working on #17. Click on her name, for the link to her blog post.

Below are MY answers to Lisa’s questions.

What am I working on? I’m currently losing my mind, working on my first story series. yes, an entire series. Its generational, in fact. My characters will have flaws, as REAL humans have flaws. I write from a Christian perspective, but want my characters to feel REAL, not fake, unrealistic, or phony. Christians are typically presented as plastic perfection, or as hypocrites in movies, on TV, and in books. Well, not in my writings! 

How does my work differ from others in its genre? Well, I write stories about people who have good morals, placed in various situations. Most of what I’m currently working on will fall into contemporary Christian romance, but some will also fall under Suspense, or Mystery…of course, all written from a Christian viewpoint. Will I use Biblical quotes, sermons, etc.? I’m not yet certain, as I let my characters speak their own minds. With that in mind, I won’t really know how to best categorize my books, until they near completion.

 Why do I write what I do? Well…I actually have doll collecting to thank for getting me into this mess. LOL One doll I collect has a very extensive backstory. I did NOT like where the maker was leading with her story, and kept seeing where they backed themselves into a writing corner. Of course, their solutions also were not Christian in nature, which was also frustrating. After several doll friends and I participated in a few story “round robin” writing exercises, manyl friends suggested I create something better. Sooo…I started trying to get on paper, all the characters that keep running around in my brain. 

I write characters with morals, because I have them, and know there is a need for books about romance and life that are not saturated in filth. I also believe that ANY gift comes from God, that I can write, and therefore, that I’m called to write for God’s glory. Again, I believe we need a realistic VIEW of Christians. I want to break that notion that says we are either Stepford Wives/plastic, or hypocritical snobs. 

How does my writing process work? My process varies. Whenever a scene pops into my brain, I write it down. When no specific scenes are screaming at me, I try to get organized, and do character sketches, outlines, etc. Sounds organized, but it’s just organized chaos. LOL I’m not certain, yet, which method is best. I’m OCD, so of course, I’m over analyzing everything. Sometimes I write to music, sometimes, not. I DO write best, either when the household is asleep, or when no one is home. 

Here is my list of “forward to” authors. Their name contains the link to their blog.:

Sherry Chamblee: She writes Romantic comedies and Christian Romances.

Nancy Jill Thames: Writer of Christian mysteries. She created the Jillian Bradley Mystery series. She’s almost done with book #8.

Please click the link to Lisa’s blog, as well as  the link(s) forward to the next author(s) Again, to access any of these links, you simply click on the author’s name. Thanks for reading my blog, and for also viewing the blogs of these other writers.


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